Fed up of daily routine.. I will be up all night building a tool I always needed.

Log #1

The story behind this is something you all face if you are a product guy always building something. I started seeing extreme burst in Instagram users last year, people posting their code snapshots, workspace and stuff. Then I always had this mockup kinda thing in mind. You upload a photo and it gives you a mockup of that , you can call it a placeholder kind of thingy. But I couldn't build it cuz of obvious daily routine. Then after few months I saw a launch on producthunt, although it was pretty basic than what I had in mind it was getting the work done for then. That hit be very hard, this has happened many a times and I am sure it has happened to y'all too. I lost interest finally in building that, but till this date it bugs me, what if I had given a try, I do have cool features in mind, why not give it a try??

So here I am tonight I will chuck all my other work and do this. Excuse any mistakes in post, I am in hurry!!!!!!

Lets get this done.

P.S I will be editing this now and then.

I want to call it Touch. It will be used to give final touches to your dribbble,instagram,twitter snapshots or mockups.

Log #2

I will build it with Vuejs, its been my goto and I love it so damn much, ok lets get to point now. Vuejs webpack template : github.com/vuejs-templates/webpack with sass support

no compromises in design btw. I want to keep it neat and clean

Log #3


Log #4

Break till 1:45 Back at 1.40


Log #5

after a long break


Log #6

  • Sign out for tonight.
  • Features are almost done
  • Upload a photo to gen basic mock : done
  • Background and properties : Done
  • To be done for devices : TBD
  • Giving it a browser look : TBD
  • Spacing management : TBD
  • Code editor mock : TBD

1.23 AM 26th on June 2018

26th June started working on this again. Day before yesterday night I had a minor injury to my left eye. Couldn't work. Yesterday was a total busy day.

Today am in mood of chucking daily routine again.

Lets start it again. Today I plan to bring basic mockup generation up and running. Lets see how it goes. Done : 2.14 AM 26th June 2018

Log #7 Saturday 30th June 3 Am to 4 Am Done with initial prototype, its ready to use. Will share a link later with y'all!!!

Redesigned the whole interface with same logic and base


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The method/logging is kinda cool. I like that.

What's the progress?

Girish Patil's photo

A bit of code and a byte of fun @hashnode as full stack dev

Thank you, To be honest, the current state of that app is all that you see in the last. I will have to start it again. I will start logging again when I restart